Boogie Shoes

(Text & Musik: C-W. Rasch)


Well I'm about ready to lose control
The time is right for some Rock 'n Roll
My feet are telling me to go
and put on my Boogie shoes!

There's a hot sensation in the air tonight
the girls are all looking out of sight…
and I get the feeling the time is right
to put on my Boogie shoes!

I feel like dancing the whole night long
so turn on the juke box and pick a song
I really don't care which one you choose
'cause nothing's too hard for my Boogie shoes!

Play me a two step or play me a twist
play that locomotion from the top of the list
play me a gitterbug or even a blues
they all fit my Boogie shoes!

So if you wanna learn how to boogaloo
and maybe you're going for the shimmy too
ain't no problem, just keep it loose
you can always rely on your Boogie Shoes!

I'm the king of the dance floor and that's for sure
I smile at the girls when they beg for more
So hey Mr DJ don't you blow a fuse
'cause they love my Boogie Shoes!
they all love my Boogie Shoes!
they all love my Boogie Shooooooes!

Boogie Shoes


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